Puppy pre-school

A puppy pre-school in Liverpool

If you are busy and can't commit to a regular puppy training course, contact the team at Toddies Dog Training. Our puppy pre-school will help you master the basics of behaviour, preparing your puppy for a full, intensive dog training school course in the future

We will cover:

  • Jumping up 
  • Housetraining 
  • Inappropriate play 
  • Basic control exercises 
  • How a dog’s mind works 
  • Dealing with unwanted behaviour 
  • Dog body language and communication nuances 
We can also help with mouthing and nipping. By the timeour pre-school course is finished, your puppy should be ready for a full dog training school course. Contact us today for more information about the classes we offer and our one-to-one sessions.
A sitting puppy

Puppy pre-school

All our sessions are designed to give you information that helps you build a lasting bond with your pet. We help you create a solid foundation and enhance your understanding of your dog. We'll work with exercises that put you in control.
A sleeping puppy

Your responsibilities

We help you understand your responsibilities as a dog owner and how to fulfil your dog's needs. We'll show you what your puppy finds rewarding and how you can get your pets attention. Establishing boundaries can help shape your puppy's personality.
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