One to one sessions

One-to-one dog training sessions in Liverpool

If your dog doesn't listen to you call Toddies Dog Training today. We offer excellent one-to-one sessions for dogs and pet parents.

Offering private sessions

Does your dog have behavioural issues? We'll help you communicate with your dog, while your pets trained towards improving his or her behaviour. Problems only get worse if you don't take the right steps to prevent them. Allow us to show you the way to a calm, settled home life through our private sessions. Contact us to sign up for our classes today.
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At your convenience

We arrange sessions at your convenience, ensuring that the family is a part of the training. This helps in continuity and consistency, giving your furry friend a chance to learn and succeed.
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Individual advice

We offer individual advice on dog behaviour and your own, that may impact your relationship with your pet positively. We work on all kinds of issues, helping you and your dog develop. Book a session today.
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For one-to-one dog training sessions, call Toddies Dog Training in Liverpool on
07912 761 347

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