Behavioural consultation

Dog behavioural consultation in Liverpool

For dog behavioral consultation, call Toddies Dog Training today. 

Dog behaviour consultants

We specialise in dog behaviour and believe in following the approach of positive rewards. If you feel ike you are losing control over your dog, don't hesitate to give us a call. Are you unsure if you are making things worse for your furry friend? We can help you understand your dog and his or hers behaviour. Contact us today for one-to-one sessions.
dog behavioural consultation

How can we help?

  • Get the behaviour you want 
  • Understand how their mind works 
  • Help fulfil your dog's needs
  • Help change how your dog will react to events 
  • Assist you in learning how to read what your dog is trying to say
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What does it involve?

Investing time and effort may help change your dog's behaviour. You will need to fill in a questionnaire enabling us to get to the root of problem. 

We'll devise an action plan for your family to work through. We will also explain and show how to train your dog and manage your pet's behaviour.
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For dog behavioural consultation, call Toddies Dog Training on
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